Goal number 6: Take off

The Boudoir Video concept… This concept first appeared in the United States, before gaining popularity in Europe


A photo agency has now developed the concept by adding the video dimension; based in Barcelona but headed by a French photographer, Greg Lebrun.

During this session in a professional studio, at home or in a hotel room, a fashion photographer helps & guides you posing in front of a camera that will capture your beauty. The result is exceptional, of an absolute beauty, & this is true whatever your profile is!

To fully understand this phenomenon, let’s return first to the boudoir photo shoot concept. Every woman feels or wants to feel sexy. First of all for her, but also for her partner. It’s from this second observation that the notion of boudoir photo shooting was raised. Many women want to offer their husbands sexy pictures of themselves that are desirable until the end of time, so they call on fashion photographers to capture their beauty & their attractiveness in underwear, or fully naked.

Of course, as was the sex shop, the idea was far from winning unanimous support at its creation, before gradually, as society changed, women gained confidence & the little concept becoming a real phenomenon.

Boudoir photo shoots take place in professional studios or at home. The makeup artist & photographer are the only people on set. The studio is often fitted out to impart a cosy, welcoming atmosphere, as are flashes & continuous lights, which are placed in such a way that your body is perfectly enhanced. You will choose your lingerie yourself, but you can also call on a stylist. The photographer guides you so that your most beautiful curves are highlighted through the lens, and he will take care of everything else. The picture is taken, your beauty & your sex appeal are captured; but what if we went further?

It is from this question that the “Boudoir Video” concept emerged. Professional advertising uses photography but has also has been using videos for many years. Why not offer this to the general public? Yes ladies, we are finally going to be able to admire ourselves in a Boudoir Video worthy of a Aubade lingerie advert thanks to this new concept created by “ Photographer- ”agency.

The principle is the same as boudoir photography except that the camera is replaced by a video camera. In this way, not only are your curves highlighted but also your movements, attractiveness, & sensuality. Biting your lip, a dangling bra strap, a breast surreptitiously revealed through an unbuttoned shirt…

Our prices

Please find below our offers, feel free to contact us, we can adapt our offer to your needs.


  • Boudoir Video only: Video shoot – editing – makeup session: 1000 euros

  • Boudoir Video only + hotel/apartment package: contact us

  • All-inclusive weekend for couples: contact us


I can’t go to Barcelona to do it, is it possible to do it at home or near where I live?

According to the availability of our videographer, he can move to your city/country to make your boudoir video. Contact us to agree on the arrangements.

You can also contact us for other kinds of photo/video sessions in Barcelona by following this link: Agency Photographer Barcelona