Goal number 8: Cultivate the mystery

Emma (28 years old) tells us about her experience of Boudoir Video:

” I really wanted to do this but I had a lot of apprehension. I’m not very confident & I do not like my body, so for me, exposing it in front of a stranger was an insurmountable ordeal. But, after much consideration, I realized three important things: first of all, I’d never really seen my body in another context than in front of a mirror & was curious to discover it through the lens of a professional. Secondly, as time goes by, my body was going to age, so it was now or never. Finally, I read in an article that men attach importance to the photos of their wives, so I was going to give mine this little gift to cherish…

I took advantage of the opportunity of my weekend in Barcelona to call upon “Agency Photographer Barcelona” photo agency which has many connections with the fashion world & has a very professional renown. Greg welcomed me at the photo shoot site after our phone interview. I had the choice between several sets (classic studio, luxurious hotel room, a New-York style loft, etc.): I chose the hotel room as I felt more comfortable thanks to the set. The session was amazing! The photographer knew how to make me feel completely comfortable & during the first few minutes I felt beautiful, & surprised myself interacting with the camera. The rest of the session was child’s play. I felt like a celebrity, beautiful, as beautiful as the numerous models that the photographer receives in his studio. I was myself, serene, & felt alive. My body belongs to me & I realized that I’d never seen it through some angles, such a joy to discover myself, to see my body from near or far so enhanced!

I will definitely reattempt the Boudoir Video experience but in another set suggested. When I see myself today in this wonderful black & white video, I say to myself that it was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life.”

And Stephanie, 39 years old:

And Amy, 36 years old:

”I’ve never lived such an experience. It was a real revelation for me to interact with the lens. My body revealed the actress in me. I trusted Greg so much that I let myself play the game & everything became so easy.

I didn’t know I was able to show my true colours, to free myself in front of a stranger, but after a few minutes, I realized that Greg had an exceptionally artistic approach & a very beautiful sensitivity. This experience, beyond the wonderful result, really helped me in my everyday life. When I look at myself I’m different & I have the feeling that in others’ eyes I am too. I feel more beautiful, more womanly, and more sensual. Thank you for this fabulous experience that I strongly recommend, ladies.”