Goal number 7: Raise enthusiasm

To whom is aimed the Boudoir Video concept?

To all women! No matter how old they are or their profile. The photographer is here to highlight your most attractive features & he ensures this is the case. It is through his lens that it all comes together & for this the video maker, Greg, in view of his sensitivity & expertise, is absolutely amazing. Ultra-professional, he will make you comfortable, even if you are shy, & will know how to guide you for a remarkably professional result.

Where does the photo shoot take place?

It depends on your needs, wants, & budget. Indeed, the photo shoot can be realized anywhere (interior), as well as in a photo studio, apartment, or hotel room (or suite). In accordance with your tastes & budget, several solutions will be offered.

How long is the photo shoot & when will my video be available?

The photo shoot lasts about 3 hours but requires an hour of preparation of the material. The makeup session lasts about 30 minutes ahead of the session. Your video, after the editing phase, is available about 15 days after the session.

Can I be with somebody else during the photo shoot?

Yes, but we strongly advise you not to do this. You will not be at ease & risk feeling like you are being judged if somebody is looking at you. There are many things to see in Barcelona & there’s no doubt your friend or your husband will know how to occupy their time during those hours.

Which outfits do I have to bring?

Any outfit in which you feel beautiful & at ease. We advise you to bring at least 3 different lingerie outfits (baby-doll, etc.). If you want to, we can also offer you a personalized shopping session with an international specialized model.

I don’t like some parts of my body; can I choose which will appear in the Boudoir Video?

Obviously, if you don’t want some parts of your body to appear in the Boudoir Video, then you just have to advise the photographer & they will not appear in the editing. But bear in mind that the photographer is very professional & will know how to highlight the beauty & the seductiveness of your silhouette. Sometimes a different angle is enough to make a part of your body that you consider ungraceful become delicate & appealing.

How much is it?

The price of the complete video is 1000 euros, makeup session included. You have to add to this the renting of the place (except if the photo shoot is taking place in your hotel or apartment), for which the price depends on the type of place you choose (loft, studio, suite, etc.).

We also offer weekend packs with airport transfer, hotel accommodation & dinner at a restaurant. Other options are also available on request. For these, please refer to our cost estimate page.

Who is the videographer?

Greg is a professional fashion photographer. He is the director of Model Week & “ Photographer- Barcelona.com ” photo agency. He is also an art photographer who is passionate about video & music. His artistic sensitivity & his eye for aesthetics give him a unique approach to the human body, & every detail becomes a masterpiece through his lens. There is no doubt his attentiveness & his ability to make you feel comfortable will put you into the best conditions for a perfect result.

I’m hesitant about doing it, I want to but I’m dreading it.

This is a totally normal reaction. It’s difficult to show your true colours this way to a stranger, but Greg will quickly make you feel comfortable and we guarantee you will surprise yourself. 100% of women who had this photo shoot were absolutely captivated by the result, surprised by the facility with which the videographer knew how to gain their trust, thanks to his attentiveness & his professionalism. Many of them also lived it as a discovery of themselves; the Boudoir Video concept gives you an aesthetic result of great beauty, but also the satisfaction of surpassing yourself as well as a fantastic experience that will be indelibly printed in your memory. For a weekend… In Barcelona.

Where will the Boudoir Video be broadcasted?

The video is totally yours. It will be sent to you 2 weeks after the photo shoot & will not be broadcasted anywhere except if you give us your consent. You will be able to use it & broadcast it as you want.

Can I meet the photographer before?

Of course. We can arrange an appointment via Skype or FaceTime, so you can talk with the photographer before making your decision.

Greg Lebrun : fashion photographer