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Goal number 1: Turn heads and get the hearts throbbing


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The Concept


Goal number 2: Leave a lasting impression

This concept first appeared in the United States, before gaining popularity in Europe

A photo agency has now developed the concept by adding the video dimension; based in Barcelona but headed by a French photographer, Greg Lebrun.

During this session in a professional studio, at home, or in a hotel room, a fashion photographer helps & guides you posing in front of a camera, that will capture your beauty. The result is exceptional, of an absolute beauty, & this is true whatever your profile is!


Goal number 3: Awaken your sixth sense

To whom is aimed the Boudoir Video Concept?

To all women! No matter how old they are or what their profile is. The photographer is here to highlight your most attractive features & he ensures this is the case. It is through his lens that it all comes together & for this the video maker, Greg, in view of his sensitivity & his expertise, is absolutely amazing. Ultra-professional, he will make you comfortable, even if you are shy, & will know how to guide you for a remarkably professional result.

Where does the photo shoot take place?

It depends on your needs, wants, & budget. Indeed, the photo shoot can be realized anywhere (interior), as well as in a photo studio, apartment, or hotel room (or suite). In accordance with your tastes & budget, several solutions will be offered.

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Goal number 4: Show what you can’t say

Stephanie's testimony (39 years old) about her Boudoir Video experience:

”An absolutely magical experience & result. I loved everything: communication with the videographer, Greg, who made me feel really comfortable, the very professional photo shoot that built up my confidence, which I had lost since my two pregnancies, & the result is simply gorgeous! Honestly this will always be one of my best experiences as a woman. I really thank Greg for his kindness & his attentiveness, I strongly recommend this experience to all those who want to capture their beauty but also live an empowering experience that will restore their faith in themselves. Thank you.”

And Emma (28 years old)

”I really wanted to do this but I had a lot of apprehension. I’m not very confident, & I do not like my body, so for me, exposing it in front of a stranger was an insurmountable ordeal. But, after much consideration, I realized three important things: first of all, I’d never really seen my body in another context than in front of a mirror & was curious to discover it through the lens of a professional. Secondly, as time goes by, my body was going to age, so it was now or never. Finally, I read in an article that men attach importance to the photos of their wives, so I was going to give mine this little gift to cherish... Read more... »

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Goal number 5: Succumb to the temptation

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